I just submitted two scripts to a screenplay competition at $55 each. And truthfully, I don’t even think they are ready. It’s just grasping at straws at this point. “Please somebody read me, please somebody see something of value in me, print my name, give me free writing software, validate me.”

I have an interview tomorrow for yet another internship that pays $0. And I’m nervous I won’t get it.
Although I’m also nervous I will, because I would have to choose between it and my OTHER internship that also pays $0.

Self esteem? Oh, there you are–I almost didn’t recognize you so far down there.

This has to end soon.

Did that sound like, through some force of personality, I might willingly bring it to an end? Don’t be fooled. I just mean it has to end soon, because very soon we will run out of money.

Pathetic bullshit.

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