Airport Almost Drama

Went to the airport tonight to pick up my friend and her girlfriend, just in from Australia.

As I dis-embarked my car at the airport, I decided to clean a few handfuls of rubbish from the car in honor of my guests. As I tossed the gum wrappers, windshield flyers and old water bottles in the bin, I had a sudden and bad thought that I had just tossed my phone in as well.

Then I thought “I’d never do that,” and pawed through my purse. Then pawed through it again. Nothing. I reached for one of my plastic bottles (yes, bad karma, I did not wait to recycle in this case) and used it to push through the contents of the trash can.
There was my phone!
I pulled it out. I wiped it off.
Disaster averted. Really, it’s not much of a story at all, but I like it better that way.

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