Mundane Things

I tried to do a sympathy Master Cleanse diet with Paul, but only lasted two days. I maybe could have gone three or four, like if it was the apocalypse, or all the food in the world was contaminated or something, but as it was, by the night of the second day, I just couldn’t come up with a good reason to continue. I didn’t feel good–was super tired, but kind of wired from the maple syrup, and my stomach hurt from the cayenne pepper. And I thought F**k this, and warmed up some leftover Thai curry. it was yummy. Paul has made it through his fifth day though–good on him! I went to an accupuncturist for awhile in Tallahassee who said that fasts weren’t that great for me…that it was more important to just eat a good diet all the time, and I kind of believe that. Paul is built for more swings, both mentally and physically. It’s worth it to him to eat a cupcake whenever he wants for a couple of months, and then have nothing by lemonade for a week–I don’t enjoy how I feel after the cupcakes or the fasting.

I think I’ve also abandoned the idea of Nanowrimo at the same time. I’m starting to feel some other deadlines looming–writing, but also other things slipping through the cracks, like paying bills and renewing my car registration, and the days I’ve written a couple thousand words, I haven’t really gotten much else written…
What else? I’m trying to acquire some clothes, so I’ve gone shopping to a few places–and then ordered some things from Victoria’s Secret. Not lingerie, but corduroy jeans, basic Ts and one of those wrap sweaters that many people are wearing right now. My plan is to see if anything fits, and in the future, when things go on sale, I will know what size to buy. But my first lot of stuff was rather disappointing–partly because I am out of shape. I ordered two different pants lengths in size four and six, only to discover that I might be an eight. Also, I ordered “corduroy in stretch cotton” and then something they called “NEW stretch cotton corduroys” which looked similar but had a different item number. When they arrived, they were all exactly the same.

The same thing with my sweater–it had two distinctly different names, so I ordered a small a medium of each, but they too were exactly the same. I called to complain, and they said they’d refund the $5.99 shipping that I would have to pay to send everything back, which seemed cool, until I looked at the bill and realized I’d been charged $19.99 shipping and handling to get the items in the first place. So for my second go round, I took advantage of the special offer: Free shipping if you ordered a wrap sweater. It was again the same one, but I ordered it, even though I now have four in the first box! I’ll return them with the free shipping, and use the new one when it arrives. In all, I’ll have about $600 worth of clothes before I return 90 percent of them, so hears hoping there are no natural disasters before I get them all safely back in the mail.
This post feels a bit lame, but for the past few days I have been insanely, in my core being, exhausted. The post is the written equivalent to the conversations I’ve had with friends lately…I manage to respond, but there is just no energy in it, and I know they must feel me just going through the motions. For this reason, I’m off to bed now!

PS: I notice that since, my complaint, V.S. has renamed all the the corduroys so that they match each other.

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