Random Job of the Week That I Totally Want

How cool does this look? All except for the immigration stuff. I don’t want to be part of busting and deporting families. But everything else? How much great research would that be. Unfortunately, I don’t have two years of school left, but believe me, it’s tempting to adjust that…

Immigration & Customs Enforcement – Student Intern/Criminal Investigator ($15+/hr)
Student Interns will work alongside professional Special Agents and get to experience what agents do in their normal day to day operations. Interns normally work within a Group, 8 to 10 agents, for a period of 90 to 120 days. Each group that they are assigned to works different investigations such as money laundering, narcotics, trade fraud, human smuggling and gang investigations just to name a few. By the time the student graduates, they will have gained a tremendous amount of experience in a professional setting and will have obtained a maturity that they cannot get from just attending school. The cool thing about this program is that the student will in turn be able to bring all of these experiences back to their field of studies at the university and make contributions to their lectures, report writing and group projects that will be extremely rewarding to the student. Junior year with two years left or grad student with at least two years left. Must be available at least 20 hours during the school year and 32 to 40 hours during the summer. Undergrad student $15 per hour-Grad students $16.71 per hour. Please post resume, cover letter and transcripts. Apply for this position via connectSC, JobID 32809.

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