A Few Sad Days

This year, for the first time, I actually forgot my cancerversary, maybe because I was in Indiana visiting my mom. My cancer diagnosis was a few days after Thanksgiving, and my surgery was December 4th or 5th. I was in intensive care for a day or two–the time is blurry. But I always remember waking up in a regular hospital room on December 6, with a bunch of helium balloons knocking up against the ceiling beside my bed.

I didn’t remember until a couple days ago, when it dawned on me that, “wow, I haven’t thought about it at all–and I don’t feel sad.” Once I remembered though, the next morning, I did wake up sad–and although I have done a lot of socializing, the feeling has lingered for a few days. I wouldn’t mind much, except for my other obligations.–I would actually prefer to have a little more time to spend with the sad–it is all the engagements on my calendar that require more force of will.

One thought on “A Few Sad Days

  1. Sounds like someone's moving on. It's probably better that way. There's a lot more crap on the way and you can't go looking backwards once a year for the rest of your life, or the upcoming crap's gonna splat on the back of your head.And have you ever tried to wash upcoming crap out of your hair? Suave sure won't get it out. You gotta Head and Shoulders that shit.

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