Ophiuchus, really?

First Pluto is no longer a planet…and now this:

Throwing much of my pre-teen book collection into irrelevancy, there is a new astrological sign: Ophiuchus. Lots of articles about it–but none of them include advice on how to pronounce it. It’s “off-ee-u-kuss,” with the strongest emphasis on the “u.” I know because I heard Rachel Maddow say it.

Although I’d been hearing rumors and seeing references to the new, 13th astrological sign, I hadn’t actually read an article until today, when friend sent it to me with the forwarding note, “your sign has changed.” That got me reading. I guess I just thought that even though it was happening, it wouldn’t happen to me:

Ophiuchus is my new astrological sign.

It replaces Saggitarius. It always made a lot of sense to me that I was a Saggitarius, as they are known for being honest, even to a fault. I am quite honest–yes, often to a fault–and I wonder if sometimes I felt I had to live up to that aspect of my sign.

But now, I’m a “serpent-bearer.” More research needs to be done, to see what characteristics are actually assigned, but for the moment I will say, that finding out that your astrological sign is not what you thought, might, on a very small scale, be like finding out you are adopted. You have this formed identity of who you are, and you are still that person, and yet the conditions by which you were brought into the world are completely different from what you thought.

I am not the only casualty. Other astrological signs have shifted, so that, like Rachel Maddow, some folks who were Aries are now Pisces, etc. I will say, that if my sign had to change, I prefer for it to change to something completely new, about which I have no preconceived notions.

So, uh, what’s your sign?

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