Costa Rica–Present Day

I’ve been working on putting to paper a blow-by-blow daily account of my trip for personal use…but as I near 7000 words, I wonder if it will just be boring for readers of this blog. Still deciding.

In the meantime, just just the facts, Ma’am.
My first attempt at teaching screenplay structural elements went fine from my end–so that was a relief. I was really prepared, and even had an imperfect translated version to work from in case there was not a translator. My fancy custom-made DVDs looked good, and I had come up with pretty good transitions for my subject matter.
From the end that was not mine, the workshop–and the entire series of workshops that might was part of–was disastrous. A mountain of misinformation and non-information meant that some workshops never happened, and those that did were ill-attended (as was mine)…
So, incredibly long story short–it was pretty fucked up, but I didn’t fuck it up. I spent more time, money and mental resources than I had budgeted, and the results were sub-par, but I also bonded with some talented people from all over the world who were in the same boat. So in the “everything happens for a reason” line of thinking, it remains to be seen what might come of those relationships in the long run.

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