Crazy Stupid Love

I’ve been looking forward to this film, because of the stellar cast, and the awesome trailer, so
went to see it last night with “the girls.” And the verdict is that it was … fun and heartwarming and a tiny bit sad. As my friend Nikki said, it wasn’t as good as the trailer (what could be?), but it was better than some of the more critical reviews it has gotten.

It is probably more a dramedy than a comedy, which might be the reason it doesn’t quite feel like the movie you are expecting from the trailer, but I have a feeling I might actually like it better for that.

I left the theatre with a feel-good vibe that I didn’t want to disrupt by taking it apart and analyzing. I was happy (or lazy) enough to just conclude that the strengths outweighed the weaknesses.

Don’t let this set your level of expectation, but do watch and marvel at the sublime pacing of the trailer. The placement of the Twilight soundtrack song is brilliant. First it takes the piss out of Twilight, which is funny, but right on top of that, it uses the innate power of the music coming to a crescendo for the big kiss, and we cant help reacting to that. There’s something about the push and pull that is really skillful.

If you have already seen the movie, did you notice the snippet of a scene that was not actually in the movie?

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