This Week

From my recent posts, you might think it was social-y, with movies and such. And kind of, it was, but it was really much more about being sick. Just a cold I think–but just-a-colds for me tend to involve a long and fierce battle with bronchial congestion, and an utter exhaustion component, and this cold experience hasn’t fallen short in either case.

I made it to work everyday, and the two screenings I saw both took place on campus, so it took minimal effort to drag myself a couple blocks to check them out. Even then, I would have opted out, but in each case I had a guest who would not have been able to get in without me, so that inspired me to stay upright. However, a reading, tentative tea-date and a house warming party all fell by the wayside in favor of lying in bed and coughing without feeling like I was scaring everyone in a 20-foot radius.

Yesterday I went to the accupuncturist, who always makes me feel everything’s going to be all right. She gave me several baggies, each full of a dozen packets of powders which I am supposed to combine into a tea that looks like Greek coffee. It’s bitter tasting, and also makes me feel that good health is just around the corner, because any sickness in its right mind would run from that tea.

And as always, being sick simultaneously makes me anxious about, but also extremely grateful for my general state of good health. The way I’m feeling now is the exception and not the rule. I’m lucky.

I’m also aware of how quickly circumstances can change. In the last couple of months a number of our friends have experienced serious health issues. Just from this blog’s sidebar, a brain tumor (Miskellany) and a cancer recurrence (Someday We’ll Look Back and Laugh). I’ve been amazed by the grace and wit and resilience I’ve witnessed in the face of these illnesses. I’ve had less grace, wit and resilience just in this week, maybe because I know Paul will put up with some whining if it’s going to be temporary!

But that’s an aside–point being, if you are feeling good–take a moment to appreciate it. Go do something to support it: eat a fresh, colorful vegetable, go to the gym, take deep breaths that expand everyside of your rib cage as you walk down the hall to your office. Because good health is awesome!

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