Week Gone By

And not a lot to show for it.

I took the car to the shop because it intermittently won’t start, but after three days, they couldn’t replicate the problem, so didn’t do any work on it.

At work, things are busy as classes begin next week. This past week we’ve had surprise land battles over office space, VISA issues for our incoming international faculty. The TAs would understandable like to see their class rosters before walking into their classrooms, but they can’t have access until I go into a special system and add them as instructors–but the system won’t let me until they are entered into the system as employees, but they’ve only recently filled out their I-9s and payroll is backed up…and so on.

Friday marked the end of week three of my respiratory infection and day two of my period, and I stumbled in to work forty minutes late with no lunch packed, a hole in my underwear so big that I feared the crotch would fall out. I stayed a little late to make up for the late start and hopefully be in a better place on Monday.
There were also some redeeming highlights to the week however. A free screening of Fright Night on Tuesday was unexpectedly good. They really controlled the tone well, I recommend the movie for a fun night out.
And I got news that my instructor from last semester in the MPW program was willing to do an independent study with me this semester. That was excellent news that solves a lot of problems for me–financially by helping me maintain my student status, and artistically, by helping figure out the next steps for my novel draft, just at a point I’m feeling a bit paralyzed by the whole endeavor.
Finally, on Saturday, I got to sleep until I woke up–no alarm. that was AWESOME. I subsequently laid in bed for the rest of the day, getting up only to eat cereal and watch Project Runway. The non-productive nature of this is something I wasn’t thrilled about, but really, I was too tired to care. In the evening I saw my sister and brother for a night hike, which I did feel good about, since it was my first physical activity since I got sick.
Today I managed to go to yoga, get a load of laundry into the washer…and write this–a much lamer post than all the more interesting ones I thought of on the bus this week, but never managed to put in writing, but really the theme of this week has pretty much been about falling short of expectations, and being tired enough to be okay about it… so I think I’ll hit publish, and go take a nap now!

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