How to Get Published & Recognized Pt 1 Addendum,

And for those who write AND draw, I’d like to highlight this comment from Katie B, an awesome writer (if you’ve ever been in a writing workshop, or even if you haven’t, you should check out this hilarious piece in Defenestration) as well as the art editor for The Southeast Review.

Katie writes:

The Southeast Review is a literary journal based in Tallahassee, FL. We publish in print and online.
Artists can submit work to me by sending .tiff files (300 dpi or higher) to sereviewart AT gmail.

I’m mainly looking for black and white work. (We’re publishing a comic in color for the upcoming issue, but usually there just isn’t enough money, so b&w is your best bet.) Pieces should be previously unpublished (not counting your blog or whatever) and can be anywhere from 1-8 pages–shorter ones have a better shot. Styles and subject matter are pretty wide open–goofy, serious, bizarre, etc. I’m looking for sequential art, not so much one-panel cartoons, but I’m not dead set against cartoons. And it should be something that appeals to a literary audience, which I realize is pretty broad. I’m willing to consider pretty much anything, as long as it’s interesting.

We can’t afford to pay anything, but you do get two contributor copies and a nice line on your CV. And SER gets read by smart people who will no doubt seek out your other work once they see how great you are.

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