21 Days to a New Habit

So, about 21 days have passed since I began my “get up, get dressed” initiative of picking out my clothes the night before (on work days), and it has been fairly successful. It hasn’t made me awesome across the board in anyway. I still go to bed too late, I still roll out of bed twenty minutes before I need to be out the door, BUT, the clothes on the chair do seem save me crucial moments, and I have caught my preferred bus every day since the work resumed after the new year. So, yay…me.

My Sharing Your Place book is interest, more details soon, but I think I’ve found a new source of advice. I really like this post from a blog called Organized Home. I can really relate to the “fever cycle” of the declutter frenzy, and how hard–and important–it is to just keep going. Also, the part at the end about building credibility before trying to bring others on board–very resonant. I have tried it the other way around not so successfully.

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