February, Month of Living Not-Dangerously

Since the “picking out my clothes the night before” project has worked out pretty well, I’m trying to move on in February. However, I fear this month’s goal is in danger because it is less explicit. Basically it’s a prep for being healthier, and the “lose ten” pounds, that may come to the fore before the end of the year. But the overarching “vibe” for February is making good active choices when it comes to matters of fitness…and I’m talking not so much about planned activities as the impromptu decisions I’m faced with each day.

After work, go to the gym or go to a restaurant: Gym
On a Friday, go dancing or stay home and watch Buffy: Go dancing.
Go to bed by 11PM or stay up til 1AM watching Top Chef. Go to bed!

Basically, it’s a choice to swim upstream…or one could phrase it, swimming against Paul.

So this is the gist…it’s going okay. On Friday, I made Paul take me swing-dancing for the first time in well over a year. On Saturday I went SWIMMING. I only swam for 17 minutes, but the achievement is that I actually did all the steps of something that I tend to put in the category of basically unpleasant. Today, on top of my normal yoga class, and I cooked healthy things to take to lunch this week.

I also did some other things, like laundry, book club, assembling a desk, altering curtains, grocery shopping, returning phone calls and email. These are obviously not exciting events to report, but they are kind of pathetically exciting to me as I often don’t get so much done. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you’re not even pretending to write.

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