So, sometime tomorrow I will find out whether I won a hundred-thousand dollar Amazon studios Annual Awards prize…or not. It’s strange to think that right now I don’t know–the outcome seems so wide open, but by tomorrow night at this time, I will know–one way or the other.

My evening tonight got a little bit Paul-jacked, and I ended up watching last week’s Top Chef AND The Voice, but in a way it was good preparation to see so many people win, and so many others not make the cut. Whichever way things go for me tomorrow, I’m hardly alone in winning or losing and either way, I should be responsible for how the result impacts the course of my life. It’s very difficult for me to witness, even on TV, and now in my own life, but the truth is that the profession I’ve chosen is like this: they like the script, or they don’t, they buy a script or they don’t, the film gets a greenlight or it doesn’t, the box-office is good or it’s not. I don’t know how many rungs you’d have to climb up the ladder to escape the swings–I don’t think you can.

So my plan is, either way things go tomorrow, I’m going to write tomorrow night, and either way things go, I’m going to have pie.

(P.S. I did finish reading the last two scripts that are in the finals, Animal Heads and Origin of a Species. They were both really different from mine, and from each others. Animal Heads has an indie vibe, Origin of a species was a very crisp suspense movie that read really quickly.)

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