Dear Barrington,

Thank you for sharing your work at Amazon Studios.
It was a hard decision but unfortunately CHILDREN OF OTHERS was not
chosen as the winner of the Best Script Annual Award.
We have enjoyed seeing your work and getting to know you over the past year.
Thank you for your many contributions to the community.

We look forward to bringing you more opportunities to share
your work in the future.

Kind Regards,
Amazon Studios

It's okay. I'm okay. I am going to eat cookies though.

6 thoughts on “Verdict

  1. Thanks! I love my supportive friends. Taking the long view–the "Amazon Experience" has been good to me. I made some money–and they have put their support behind developing my script–something money can't buy…

  2. Is it worth making a short film. There's a show airing in Australia tonight called Outland – a comedy/drama about a group of gay science fiction fans (I know, on Aussie TV, the ABC no less – buying a lottery ticket now). It's taken 7 years from concept to production and the creator had to film a pilot and tour film festivals, before the ABC decided to back it (they originally turned down the script).

  3. You were so close Barrington! Keep going because I KNOW what an incredibly creative and talented woman you truly are and I can't wait to see what the future holds further for you.

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