Resolution on the Rebound

February, as you may recall, is my “make active choices” month. How’s it going? Meh… The parameters of the goal are pretty fuzzy, life has been in flux. I have not consistently been prioritizing that trip to the gym over other things. So I thought another form of active choice would be to throw a little bit of money at the problem, and this morning I ordered this.
It should arrive on Saturday. I now need to make a concrete and achievable goal in conjunction with it. Twenty minutes a day, unless I’ve made a trip to the gym? Or ten minutes at the beginning of any television show? I think I’ll see what happens organically, but will make a decision within a week of its arrival.

2 thoughts on “Resolution on the Rebound

  1. Hi Barrington, this is Andrea. I've thought about getting one of these. Do you like it? It seems like it would be fun, it doesn't take up too much space, and it's portable. Seems perfect, but I would like to know what you think about it. I read your profile. I also tend to use too many commas. Not in this comment though!

  2. Hi Andrea–It IS fun, and doesn't take up too much space–although it does take up some. We have it in the TV room, so if I start to sit on the couch I think, oh, I'll bounce a little bit first. Paul has been using it too…

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