Suffering, Self-Imposed

When I was younger, and my homework took hours, my mom would check on me as my bedtime came and went and ask, “Are you really working, or are you just suffering?”

But probably I was doing both. Some of the work was my actual homework. The rest was battling my own resistance to doing my homework. Pushing against your inner resistance is hard work, to the point of suffering. It was hard work then, and now the whole internet is on the side of the inner resistance.

So now it is almost midnight. I have put up two sequences worth of cards in the last four hours. Am I writing, or am I just suffering? Both. About 50% each, I’d say.

One thought on “Suffering, Self-Imposed

  1. It seems like screenplay writing and dissertation writing really aren't that different, except that the former has a more entertaining final product.

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