The Forecast

This is the weather forecast for Terre Haute,  Indiana this week.  Living in one of the few areas of the country where every day has been 75 degrees, I’ve been vaguely aware of a heat wave, but this image shocked me a little.  Growing up in Terre Haute, I remember weather in the 90s, even inching up toward 100.  As a kid, it was very exciting, kind of exotic, that the thermometer might reach 100.  A temperature higher than 100 was not something one would even contemplate…

Weather for Terre Haute, IN

101°F | °C Wed Thu Fri Sat
Mostly Sunny Mostly Sunny Mostly Sunny Chance of Storms
Mostly Cloudy
Wind: W at 10 mph
Humidity: 32% 102° 77° 104° 77° 104° 79° 106° 77°

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