Things They Found in the Attic–Part 5

This Bible and Signs of Generational Anxiety
Old bible.

Post cards, newspaper clippings and copied (or written?) poems circa early 1920s.

And this random piece of paper with the recounting of a bad dream.

I dreamed last night of drinking some poison, perhaps carbolic acid, something that looked like blood, in milk. It seems as though I did not know that is was poison for I had drunk three or four glasses before this. I poured too much in a glass of cream and passed it to others.  They refused, I grasped the glass and placed the beverage to my lips, drank half a glass and found ot my horror that I had gotten hold of something poison and that it was eating my stomach out.  I screamed for mamma. Death was inevitable. 

I’ve no way of knowing who wrote this. Was it a family bible or a personal bible?    The postcard is addressed to my Grandmother Ernestine–she of the many dance cards–and I guess it makes sense she would have had her own bible.  My sense of it, is that she wrote this.  She lived to be in her late-nineties, but by then she did have a colostomy bag. Her digestive system–like my father’s and  my own, was a source of concern later in life.  Had it begun here?  Was it a premonition of sorts–a manifestation of knowing already, maybe subconsciously, that “something was wrong?”  There are no other recounting of dreams in the bible.  This is the only one.

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