Happy 2013!

December 22, 2012
Happy Holidays to our Family and Friends!
Some years we do a better job of keeping up with friends and loved ones than others, This year…might have been one of the others. Please know that we think of you, and enjoy seeing glimpses of your lives—a new child or pet, a recipe gone right or wrong, publications, accomplishment, or philosophical pondering. 
2012 was such a year of ups and downs, it’s difficult to write a “year end re-cap.” Most of spring revolved around work: Paul made the final push to finish post-production on his first feature film. I began my first paid re-write gig and transitioned to part-time at my “day job” as a secretary for the Department of Philosophy at USC to accommodate this.
As we reached the middle of summer, final drafts, and final cuts, our focus suddenly shifted: I got news that an endometrial sample had shown evidence of cancerous cells. Summer turned to fall as we ran the gauntlet of tests, doctor-shopping and decision-making that accompanies such a diagnosis.  We were grateful my mother could come to California to help after the surgery. Ultimately I received good news—I was now cancer-free and there was no need for further treatment.
The final months of the year have been a time of recovery and re-calibration, of feeling deep gratitude for life itself and every day as it comes, but at the same time mourning visions of the future that are not to be.
Other things notable: Paul’s movie, Rock Jocks premiered at Atlanta “Dragon Con,” which was fun, and allowed us to see friends in the area. Paul and I discovered the pleasures of the “mini-break,” treating ourselves to a night at a downtown LA hotel along with a couple of movies and a dinner—adventures made more exotic by the opening of a metro rail stop near our house. Car got totaled with Paul and his friend inside—but everyone was okay. We had a party! We cleaned out the garage! I developed and addiction to Mad Men binge watched four seasons in too short a time.
Throughout the ups and downs, it is small, everyday things that continue to give us joy.  We often see my siblings and family on Sunday evenings: Our niece, Solea, is seven and our nephew, Aidan, is nine. Paul plays fancy board games with different groups of friends. His infectious enthusiasm for Top Chef and Project Runway lures in anyone in his radius. LA has opportunities for many movie screenings, and we try to take advantage. I continue to take night classes courtesy of my employer, USC (this year’s favorite was on Fairy Tales) and enjoy the nearby LA County Museum of Art.
We’re both excited about 2013—we have lots of things we want to do. We hope you are looking forward as well, and wish you good health, the fulfillment of wishes, and joys big and small in the new year!
Barrington and Paul

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