Dreaming of a Break…Literally

Monday night I dreamed it was the weekend, but when I woke up, it wasn’t.

Last night, I dreamed it was Christmas vacation.  Somehow it had completely snuck up on me without my noticing, and for some reason, none of my family was coming for Christmas–which is not what I would want in real life, of course–but in the dream I realized I had that whole time from before Christmas to after New Year’s Day, and it was just such a relief–like the answer to all my problems.

If I were to glean my problem from this dream, I would say that lack of time is a problem. I don’t have to glean such information from dreams however, as I am quite aware of it in my waking state.

Lack of money is also a problem, but I haven’t yet dreamed about money.  Maybe this is because when I play Bejeweled on my phone while waiting for the train, I fantasize that someone has come up to me and said, “However many points you earn on this next game of Bejeweled, I will give you that many dollars.” It’s not a realistic fantasy, I understand.  Still, it raises the stakes for each game.

In unrelated news, my face is starting to slide off my skull, and my gray hairs are emerging as fast as little hatching spiders spill from an egg sac.

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