Vegas, Baby

This past weekend, Paul and I helped move his parents from Chatsworth–about an hour away from us–to Vegas–five hours away.  His father recently retired.  It was mostly an economic decision.

The morning of the move, my mother-in-law stood by the kitchen window, looking out at the garden she had created and maintained for years, and she said to me, “Lucky. Lucky I am not sentimental. Because I would feel sad right now, because all of this, I made it with my own hands, and now… But I don’t. I am not like that, I don’t like the sad feeling, so I feel it and let it go–fast.” She waved her hand to show how she pushes the sad feeling along on its way. “When its time for something to be over, it’s over. That’s all.” She set her face and looked back at the plants she was leaving.

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