Brokeback Mountain

Just watched it–for the first time, if you can believe it.  And it blew me away.

The trailer doesn’t come close to capturing the mood of the film, but nothing could really.  After the movie ended, even going to find the trailer on YouTube seemed like an assault to my senses.  I try to avert my eyes from the bright colors and logos, the “shark week” advertisement along the sidebar, the inane scroll of comments–  because I just want to hold on to that end-of-film feeling for a bit longer.

Often when I have an evening and the TV screen to myself, I’ll catch up on television shows, but I’m always happy when I choose a movie instead.  I love television–and particularly like some shows that are highly serialized, but it’s their nature (especially the serialized ones) to leave you feeling half empty and unsatisfied.  At the end of this movie, I felt something like complete.

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