Stage and Screen Festival Recap

On my way out the door this evening, I was cleaning my purse–as usual trying to find the invisible canon ball that I seem to carry–and came across this program from last week’s show.  I should keep this, I thought. And then thought, where? Now that pictures are digital, I haven’t had a physical album in years. No scrapbooks, no shoeboxes.  Maybe I’ll make a file. But until that day, it’s about to be lost in the overwhelming pile on my desk.  So before it gets buried, I’ve taken a picture: Stage and Screen ProgramThe evening went well I think.  It’s hard to tell for sure, because no one would tell me if it went bad, right? But I was happy with the acting and the direction.  The MPW did a great job finding a great space and then filling it–I don’t think there were any empty seats. My piece was the longest, but we clocked in at 24 minutes–(the suggested limit was 25 minutes) so the pace seemed good.
There was a Q and A afterwards, and according to Paul, some of my answers to questions might have exceeded the 25 minute limit.  Not really. I’m being hyperbolic. But it turns out that Q and A’s are yet another situation where I tend to “over-explain.”

On Project Runway this season, there’s a textile designer named Patricia, and whenever the judges ask her about her “look,” she gives long answers, not the sound-bitey answers that the judges want and the producers need.  They just have to edit her in the middle of whatever she’s saying. I fear I am like her.  I am interested in process, in how decisions are made, in the craft.  Almost no one else is–it’s like telling someone your dream.  It’s only interesting if you are the dreamer.  Since I don’t have post production for my life, I need to work on self-editing in these situations.

Overall though–the evening went well, and it seems I may get to have some coffee shop chats with various people because of it, which may someday result in something else happening with the piece.  We shall see…

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