Read Me! Changes Afoot!

This blog is dividing / moving. Because the blog that you are reading has a tab on my “professional” site, such as it is. It’s probably the not that confidence-inspiring for someone to get my business card, visit the site, read the bright and cheery “about me” section, and then click my blog to find me complaining about angst, cancer, or how messy my house is. Thus, henceforth, this wordpress blog will be dedicated to things related to writing. Probably writing tips and tricks. Esoteric discussions of screenwriting rules, breakdowns of films, bragging about my writing accomplishments should any ever occur. If you are a current email subscriber and find you are not “that” interested in writing about writing, just scroll to the bottom of this, or any of these emails, and click the “unsubscribe” link.

But do not fear, the blog with random musings, rants and observations–including those about angst cancer and messy houses–will continue to exist ! It is returning to it’s old home at  If you are a current email subscriber and want to continue to receive missives of this sort you need to go to there, find the “Follow by email” on the right hand side, and add your email address to that.

That is all for now.





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