What I’m Writing….Intro

Here’s a secret that’s not really a secret: It’s my birthday tomorrow. I pulled the info down from my Facebook page, not because I don’t want people to know, exactly, but because I  feel not ready for it, like there were things I wanted to accomplish that I haven’t yet. Because when I think “accomplishment,”  I think of finished projects, and I have finished very little this year. I still go to the same job everyday, I haven’t made more money or organized my life in any great way or become famous.

But then I think…those aren’t the things that I vowed to do.  I did say I would spend more effort learning about how to put more projects out into the universe. But mostly,  I promised I would write, And, you know what? I’ve done that—with some ebbs and flows, but with consistency. Basically, my form of writing procrastination is writing something that I’m not “supposed” to be writing. I fall behind on my writing because I’m writing! For a writer, that’s not that terrible.

Although they aren’t yet “coming soon to a theater near you,” I have several projects that I’m pretty darn excited about, so brace yourself for a multi-part series about WHAT I’M WRITING.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Writing….Intro

  1. Hey, I knew it was your birthday anyway for it is permanently written in my Franklin Planner (do you even remember those? You are probably too young). Don’t beat yourself up too much about the writing thing and how much you get done. Will and Peter both “graduated” this week. Will is now at St. Philips (year 7). Will picked out a thank you card for his teacher that said on the front, “It is not what we do, but how much love we put into the doing.” It was a statement by Mother Teresa that I think is what learning and living should be all about. xx By the way, Happy Birthday B!!!!!!!!

    1. So lovely to hear from you! I can’t get over how big the boys are now. Will miss, as always, popping across the street in the summer’s heat for Christmas dinner and poppers!

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