What I’m Writing: My Zombie Parents

Logline: A twelve-year old girl uses magic to resurrect her dead parents, but must struggle to keep her family together as they begin to devolve into zombies.

This script is a co-write with my husband Paul based on a draft he wrote his last semester in film school. We’ve been trading passes back and forth in between projects for a few years now, and it’s gotten us “close” to some opportunities, but it’s never been quite there.

Right now I’m trying some ruthless pruning based on feedback –omitting an entire subplot, and cutting and re-arranging scenes to hopefully give it more shape and drive.

At this point it is almost a guilty distraction from other projects on deck, but I’ve always had a soft spot for this project, and I think this go-round I really am whittling away the right pieces to reveal the elephant!*

(*How to carve an elephant: Take a piece of wood and cut away everything that isn’t elephant.)


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