What I’m Writing : Children of Others

Logline: After struggling with infertility Skylar and Dillon  finally becomes pregnant, only to discover that their unborn child is part alien. Now their marriage and their lives are jeopardized as they race to uncover the truth about the baby and decide whether or not to carry it to term.

Maybe that’s the log-line, maybe it’s something different and I’ll come back and change it soon.  (If you’re reading this in a few days, you might not know if you are reading the changed version or the version I’m thinking of changing. The internet is spooooky!)  

Children of Others was the script that won a prize and was subsequently optioned by Amazon Studios. The option expired at the end of the 2014. Now that it’s back in my court I need to do some thinking about what direction to take it in.  I originally wrote it as either back-door pilot  (a movie that is intended to kick off a series), which will entail a lot of work on the bible (a compendium outlining the world of the series and the longer term arcs of the various characters) .

In either case it has to be back-burner thinking while I try to get one or two front-burner projects to the next stage–but this is a project near to my heart and for sure in the not-distant future I’ll be directing some attention to finding the right home for the version of itself it ends up being.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Writing : Children of Others

  1. Truthfully our teenager appears to be an alien at this very moment. Despite this, we’ll keep him. :^) I mean, when parents decided to do an amino and find out that their child will be severely handicapped, I am sure there are similar feelings as if an “alien” has come into their lives. Can a marriage survive it? Do they go ahead with the birth, do they give it up for adoption or have someone else take care of their child. This often depends on the parents and how strong they are and what supports they have in place and other factors as well. Can’t wait to hear where you take it.

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