Back to the Surface

Realized I hadn’t updated since that last post. Should probably mention the emotional boat has righted itself and I am back to rowing it. On top of the water. Small boat in a big sea, but at least not capsized and drowning. Yay! Also, I asked to change my hours at work and they said yes. Double-yay.

Had food poisoning over the weekend.  I think I might have had a 20-year no-vomit streak going. I couldn’t have told you when I was last sick in that way.  I can now tell you with some certainty, it was last Friday.  Because I am so lucky in affairs of the stomach, I might have had only a superficial sympathy for folks who report succumbing to “bad chicken,” but that also–for the near future at least–has been remedied. It was a wild ride.  By Presidents Day Monday I was feeling much better, albeit energetically drained–something I tried to remedy with a tea-latte.  What I didn’t think about was how, after months with no caffeine and days with no nothing, that little latte would hit my system. I was up until 4 AM this morning (Paul was a good sport, having recreational activities and playing “20 hat-racks walked into a bar” to keep me company in my wakefullness) and woke exhausted but still agitated.  Which is to say–completely back to normal!

So that’s work and my health….this post is almost as interesting as a call to your grandma, right?  But since it’s going in that direction anyway, the weather in California is goddamned gorgeous and everyplace else, like Boston, seems as far away as the North Pole.  Really, I only know it’s super cold and snowy elsewhere because people from here keep gloating about the weather on Facebook.

And let me tell you what I did today.  I upgraded my operating system to Yosemite (and just realized that Apple must have run out of exotic cats, unless…is Yosemite also the name of an exotic cat?), I downloaded a new organizational app that I might never use called Wunderlist. I tried to update my phone apps, failed, browsed Apple Support Communities for hours and finally found the fix.  I figured out the password to download my W-2, and did some other random paperwork I can’t even bring myself to recite.

And I went to work and wrote. Clearly. Life is what happens around the edges.

I ate ice cream for the first time in awhile, mostly because I really want to go to sleep but it’s too early.  I might anyway.

(I’m worried you might not notice that the title of this post “Back to the Surface” has a double-meaning. At the beginning, it’s about coming the surface when you’ve been sucked down under. By the end, you realize I’ve devoted most of my words to the topmost layer of life.  Not in a bad way–a certain amount of energies must be devoted to superficialities. Skin is superficial, but protective, necessary, and attractive. Do you think I might be tired-babbling? I might be.)

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