What I’m Adapting / Directing: Speed of Love

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a couple months, but haven’t posted about it because that seems like such a commitment! But here I am, committing…I think.  I’m want to direct a short film this summer, probably in June or early July.

The top contender for the narrative is a (yet unpublished) short story by my friend Marie Horrigan called “Crash-Dating,” about an interaction at a speed-dating event that gets out of hand.  It’s a fun story, and the set is contained, which should cut down on complexity. I wanted something not-too-fancy, that would get my feet wet again in terms of going through the production and shot design process.

It’s a small project, but daunting in ways that a writing project isn’t.   I’ll be both dependent on other people and responsible to them–responsible for providing leadership and vision and undying enthusiasm from start to finish. And I’ll be spending my own hard-earned cash.

More details to come, but for now, I’m putting it out there in the world: I’m gonna do this!

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