When is a Weekend Not a Weekend?

Only a few days ago, the weekend was looking weekend-y.  To be sure, a meeting with my writing partner and some writing–we have a March 30 deadline to get our script to readers–but also a possible hike, a Skype date with friends, a yoga class or two were on the docket.  Then, on Wednesday, HBO made an announcement. They are launching a new writing fellowship…and the deadline was less than a week away, on March 4.  Hmmm.  Time to add to my list one of those dreaded 500 word essays about how my background influences my storytelling.

Then an email landed in my inbox.  On a whim, back in February, I submitted a couple of scripts to the Script Pipeline contest.  The deal was, you could do the super-early deadline for a cheaper entry fee, but then submit revisions by the regular deadline for no extra charge.  Both of my scripts were out for notes at the time, so I planned to do revisions. I’ve been working on revisions, and am about halfway on each script. With a deadline of March 15, as of yesterday, I was in trouble, but not big trouble.

Except that, as the email reminded me, the deadline is not March 15, but March 1.  Now I’m in trouble. In fact, I’d say being really ready is nigh impossible… but I guess I’m obligated to get as close as I can.  The Skype date is off, the meeting with my partner is moved, yoga is off the schedule (though I will do some awesome Classical Stretch videos), and I will be burrowing in until Sunday evening.

At least the forecast is for cold (that’s California cold, i.e. 60 degrees) and wet, so I have an excuse to write in bed.

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