The Finish Line

Ohmigod friends, I think I’ve actually finished something.

By “I” I mean, “we”–my co-writer on Lovers In Their Right Mind and me.

Two years ago last month, we finished the first outline, and since then we’ve been writing and re-writing, re-carding and doing a lot of “my draft,” “your draft,” “my draft.”  For the last few weeks however, we’ve been sitting side by side doing a joint draft–discussing and arguing and hammering out compromises–and tonight we reached page 103. Assuming we can manage to not rabbit-hole when we do our proofing reads this weekend, and it can go to our co-producer on Monday.

This is not to say there won’t be more changes down the line–but this is the first draft where we feel confident enough to send it to industry-type folks. And for me, it’s about feeling solid enough about what it is that we don’t have to crumble under the opinion of the first reader who doesn’t love it–we can take some time looking for the people who do.

Now, if I can just get to that place on two other scripts, I might actually get to start something new someday!

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