The Un-Bombastic Feeling of Finishing?

Some things are coming to a close!

Yesterday, I finished a “send-out” draft of Pole Cats.  That means that a script I first conceptualized  in 2010, started researching in 2011, and started writing in 2012, is finally at an “end.”  I feel good about it, but I don’t feel a LOT about it.  Maybe because in my experience,  if someone is interested in the script, they will have notes, so it’s not really finished. Or  if no one is interested (or the script doesn’t serendipitously make connections with the person who would be interested)  then that is also a letdown.  Maybe it goes back in a drawer and you think “maybe with one more pass, maybe someday…”  (And it’s true–some scripts have long lives and end up getting made, although my guess is that the long lives of most scripts once they’ve been “drawered” is that they lie comatose in the drawer and slowly wither away in the writer’s consciousness until she is ready to forget and let them go…)

But anyway–despite a certain lack of emotional intensity, I am, in my limited way–EXCITED.  Because for the first time in a long time, I do not have something I have to finish before I can start something else.  And I can start something else without feeling guilty.  Of course if I don’t start something else quickly enough, I will start to feel guilty about that… (Maybe what I should start on is therapy.)

Oh, also, I finished that Master’s degree in Professional Writing.  It was official as of August 11, and the pretty, parchment diploma arrived in the mail in recent weeks.  I feel a quiet sense of satisfaction about this.  Though the degree is unlikely to be a game-changer for me,  I enjoyed the program, and I’m happy to be one of its last graduates, as opposed to just an attendee.

One more end to an era, our roommate is moving on — or moving in with her boyfriend. We are happy for her, and not surprised, as they have been spending much time together.   Will we get another roommate? Or will be put a treadmill and a desk in the room and deduct it as an office? We don’t exactly know.

No fireworks, but as things draw to a close, I do have a feeling of possibilities opening up. The future is becoming the now.

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