It’s Free Script Season!


Movie awards season. I have mixed feelings about the awards themselves. Living in proximity to that world, I become ever more aware of all the lobbying and advertising, and how the people who get to vote on such things rarely have time to even watch everything they are supposed to be choosing between… And then there are all the moments where one person wins and another loses — not just a shiny statue, but career opportunities and creative freedoms. It’s fraught.

But one aspect I love is the free scripts that are released during the months surrounding the big awards. I have built up a tidy library over the past few years.  And script season is upon us again! Here’s the first batch I’ve seen:

If you’ve never read a script before, it’s fun to look at one for a movie that you’ve seen (and remember!). I’m looking forward to checking out the screenplay for Ex Machina.

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