B’s Kitchen

Saturday night we went to a wedding.  It was very nice — a short, pretty ceremony followed by dinner and dancing and desserts.  The planned desserts were wedding cake, an outdoor s’more station, and donuts, but the family member tasked with picking up the donuts forgot to pick them up. No big deal, really, cake and s’mores were more than sufficient.

But the donuts were ordered from a shop that Paul patronizes often, that is not far from our house, and as we drove home from Santa Monica at 11pm, we thought we should go by and pick them up.  Upon entering the little shop, we immediately saw the stack of eight boxes sitting on a crowded counter.  The shop workers were relieved to be relieved of the donuts.

But what to do with them?  We had visions of dropping them off with various homeless people, but weren’t keen on driving to skid row in our wedding clothes at close to midnight.  We generally have a small but steady cadre of people on the streets in our own area. I see them often when I am feeling poor and stingy, but tonight there were none to be found.

Instead, we stopped at our favorite late-night taco truck and gave the crew two boxes. We texted a friend who lives in the neighborhood — he was at a party, but later dropped by and uploaded a dozen or so.  Paul took a dozen to my sister’s house on Sunday morning, by which time they were already day old donuts.

By this morning, they were a day older again. Edible of course, as things encased in all-preserving sugar are, but lacking a certain joie-de-vivre. What to do?

Tonight, since I was feeling a little down and not terribly productive, I forced myself to run some errands, and while I was out, picked up a container of heavy whipping cream for an idea I’d been mulling… bread pudding made with donuts.

Here it is.

Donut bread pudding

I had old bananas that I threw in as well, and I added a few chocolate chips.  It’s not bad–I ate some with plain, unsweetened yogurt to cut the sweetness a bit.

I used all yeast donuts for the project: Four honey-glazed,  two with chocolate frosting and two with coconut. Total: Eight donuts.

We still have a few left:More donuts

In other news: We’re really trying to cut down on sweets at our house… sigh.

Also, I used more eggs and milk and poured it over vegetables instead of donuts, and ended up with this quiche, which I think will be a delicious lunch for the rest of the week.







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  1. The popular thing to do here at a burger place and a restaurant called “Tom and Chee” (they only sell grilled cheese and tomato soup) have donut bread options. I haven’t tried them yet, and not sure I’d want to:).

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