Have I mentioned that Lovers in Their Right Mind is going to Switzerland? Janice and I submitted out script to a program called Pen & Pellicule (that means Pen and Film in French), and it was one of the ten scripts selected to attend a week-long program in Sierre, Switzerland.

The program happen in this castle!

Ours was the only script in English. The other nine are written in either French or Spanish. Right now, every script is being translated into the other two languages, and they will be sending them to us to read before we arrive in Switzerland.

When we arrive (we’ve been told), everyone will introduce themselves, and then, instead of talking about their own projects, each filmmaker will draw the name of another person’s film from a hat and talk about that film. The goal being, that for the entire week, whenever you sit down with someone at lunch or enter a random conversation, you will have read each others scripts and you can talk about it. This is something I’m excited about. One of my least favorite things is going to a bar or “networking event” and trying to describe what I’m writing, and then having the other person do the same. It’s a bit tedious and forgettable for the most part. I do, however, like to talk craft in a productive way—collaboratively figuring out solutions to problems. I’m looking forward to this. I’m also waiting for the other nine scripts to show up in my inbox soon!

Here’s a page I found that gives a more detailed picture of the Dream Ago experience.

And here’s a video for this year’s program:

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