Days That End With “Y”

One thing I have been frustrated by in the past, is following the blog of an aspiring writer–or, a writer who is aspiring to something–who fades–blogwise–into nothingness.  Either they have accomplished their thing, or moved back to Minnesota, and I never get to know which.  That will not happen here.  I have some intermediate level–not “dreams-have-all-come-true” level, but moderately good–news to share upcoming, when I have a little more time to write a post.

In the meantime my life revolves around three writing projects and my day job. They all (except for the day job, I guess) would benefit from being done sooner rather than later, so I have adopted an “every other day” plan where on Monday I work on Project A, Tuesday is Project B, Wednesday Project A etc.  Project C is languishing by this system, but I am jamming it into the occasional empty corner of time an mental space, and hoping that to reach a place in Project A that will let Project C move in.

Just to be clear for those of you who are keeping track of such things–or who are considering leaving Minnesota to come to fancy L.A.–none of these projects are yet associated in any way, with money…unless you count the money that I have put into them! I think I mention this because I have recently given notice at my day job–partly  (but not entirely) in order to do these projects justice, and when I tell folks–especially other writers who are aspiring–they congratulate me heartily, with some detectable envy in their voices–for “having something happening” that allows me to quit the day job. The phrase, “Having something going on” communicates the assumption that one has procured a writing job that would sustain one financially, but, due to some non-disclosure, gauche-avoidance, or superstitious-not-wanting-to-ruin-it,  one is not specifying what it is. I very much understand the envy, because I feel it, too.  Literally, I feel envy for the fictional version of myself who DOES have that thing going on. Those conversations make me feel that I should dispel any myths that the fictional version is the real one.

Nevertheless, I do, for the moment, feel a rush of happiness at the idea of having a month or three of relative freedom to work on these projects, even if it means I will be searching for a new job at the end of that. Although, that month of freedom has not yet arrived so in the meantime, when I’m not blogging otherwise, you can imagine me doing my little rotation of projects, day job, and gym…

Hope you all are enjoying your own rotations, whatever they may be!


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  1. That’s so great that you left your job! I left a (what was for me…not everyone) dead-end job in…academe (cough cough). It’s been so amazing that I have never looked back! There was a grief period of a few months, but I am SO much happier now!

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