Too tired to aspire

One of those days where as you make your commute it is clear you are in the slow lane on the freeway, but you don’t have enough will to change to a faster lane, and you have a feeling there’s a program more to your liking than the one on the radio, but decide it’s not worth the effort of raising your hand to the dashboard and flipping through the stations.

2 thoughts on “Too tired to aspire

  1. That’s why the Danish are always called the happiest in the world. It’s not because they are super duper happy, it’s because they are satisfied with their lot in life:). Hope your “meh” gets more satisfactory!

  2. Yes– I was thinking in those terms. How people get to a point in their lives where they just think. “yeah. okay. good enough,” and does that seem a little depressing or very peaceful?

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