Life Hack for Colds

This cold has been going around, and I caught it. Lots of coughing and congestion, the miserable usual. Without getting too graphic, I’ll say that we got a multipack of tissue boxes at Costco not so long ago, and by day ten of this cold, I’d single-handedly used all but one box.

My nose and upper lip were red and chapped and I dreaded the touch of even the softest tissue. This is when our roommate mentioned her runny-nose life hack. “When I’m hiking in the mountains and it’s cold, my nose runs…” (The difference between us is that she’s a bad-ass who hikes in the mountains, I’m a fragile flower who types on my laptop in bed and accidentally holds my breath when I’m trying to think of the right word.) “… I’ve found it really helps if I put chapstick around my nose.”

I tried it, folks. She’s right! It works!

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