The Highwayman

This song gets me every time.
Is that cheezy? Is it like the “Christmas Shoes” of Celtic music?
Is it because I first heard it at a more impressionable point in my life when I still lived in a dorm room?

I don’t think so–I think it’s kind of amazing, and so cinematic–the words paint images in your mind, and it’s a saga.

I should also note, the lyrics are this poem, by Alfred Noyes.

Pig Goes On A Journey

This is our latest foray into contest land. I don’t have to pressure you to vote–yeah! There’s no public voting–the band picks. Of course, if you’d like to follow the link, join, and leave us a nice comment or ranking–it might help our chances.

In any case, we are pretty proud of this effort. Mark, our production designer, was excellent as you can see, and Paul’s lighting and direction shows the production design off to best effect. I found some elusive polystyrene for my contribution–and along with Amber and Becky cut out trees and moved pigs and such.