I Might Start a Vlog…

Guys, I’m thinking about starting a vlog. It’s not something I’ve considered before because I don’t love being on camera or speaking spontaneously and especially for the style I’m thinking about it will require camera and editing skills far beyond what I have. I can already envision the amount of media collection and organization that will be called for, and I know I will want to kill myself. But still, I’m thinking about it.

I think it’s because I have two things going on simultaneously in life right now:

  1. In my freelance “content creation/consulting” career, I’m working with a client who is considering adding various types of video content to her business.
  2. I’m writing a fictional screenplay where the main character is a YouTuber/Influencer.

The result is that I am researching, reading about and watching more YouTube vlog-type content than ever before. And I’m thinking… “this looks interesting!” It’s kind of like personal essay, kind of like blogging, and kind of like documentary…

Would it be fun, or just a ton more work? Actually I can tell it would be a ton more work. Would it also be fun?

More as this story develops.

One thing that makes my day a little brighter

I have “hidden” all my friends on facebook who use “Lil Greenpatch” as their automatic status updater.

This probably makes me a bad person.

But since I’ve confessed that, I’ll confess something else…those “friends” were the ones who, when I saw their friend requests, I thought either “ugh” or “why?”

So is the Lil Green Patch thing proof that I already had some intuition about how our FB friendship would progress, or is it just the reason I have come up with for the hiding people I really didn’t know or like to begin with?

Or do I just have a disaffinity for people who love the environment?

Or do they feel the same about me, and just needed a mass of people to spam with this very good cause, and I was one of them?

I really don’t hate the rainforest.