Thanks for stopping by! I’m Barrington. In addition to this blog, I write screenplays, TV pilots, and speculative fiction that explores how people react when their world — or their place in it — changes.

My work has been acquired by several producers and companies, and won prizes like Amazon Studios’ Best Screenplay Award, Screencraft’s Cinematic Short Story Competition Grand Prize, and DreamAgo’s Pen & Pellicule Writing Fellowship. I’ve also published fiction in literary journals like Sycamore Review, Colorado Review, The Drum and Women of Horror, Volume 3 and I recently co-wrote a well-reviewed episode of Creepshow on AMC’s Shudder Network.

Before I was a writer,  I worked in production for theatre, large-scale events, and film — spending many hours on sound stages and sets. In my life, I’ve also worked as a gift-wrapper at mall in Indiana, a piano accompanist, stage manager, teacher and secretary. I’ve studied massage at a temple in Thailand, produced shows with a dancing cow mascot in Costa Rica, written a food guide for Western Australia and survived cancer (a few times). It’s a life that informs my writing.

You can reach me at barrington99 at gmail dot com or through Corey Trent Ackerman at The Cartel