Words To Drive By – Podcast


Whether we live in a post climate-change dystopia, a small town in the Midwest, or with a Giant Panda, there are always choices to make about our lives and relationships. Sometimes we see those choices coming, and sometimes they sneak up on us! These six episodes explore the inner thoughts of characters on the cusp of making big choices.

EPISODE 01: “Room” (After the Storms, Part 1)
A married couple checks into a hotel room knowing only one of them will check out. More

EPISODE 02: “Tribe” (After the Storms, Part 2)
A woman juggles memories of her former life with her growing feelings for someone new as she and her nomadic tribe face a dwindling water supply in the desert. More…

EPISODE 03: “Monster Leaves Dog” (After the Storms, Part 3)
As a long-married couple prepares to part ways, the husband tries to convince his wife to change her mind. More...

EPISODE 4: “My Panda”

Feeling stifled by her household and her giant panda, a woman contemplates escape. More…