Words To Drive By — “My Panda”

EPISODE 4: “My Panda”

Feeling stifled by her household and her giant panda, a woman contemplates escape.

I brought this story into a writing workshop early in my MFA experience, and the professor hated it. However, other people encouraged me, and “I” liked it, so I polished and submitted it anyway, and it found a home at Sycamore Review with people who loved it. It was a good lesson to learn — that everything is a matter of taste! One of the encouraging people was my classmate at the time, the multi-talented artist and writer Katie Burgess, who later made me the cover art you see above.

If you like short fiction, you should download Katie’s recent award winning chapbook for free!

Barrington Smith-Seetachitt (that’s me!) wrote and read this story.  Greg-Gordon Smith composed and engineered, and Ted Giffin created the lovely show art on the player.

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