I should have something to say

But what? I have a few things on my mind, but they are not so bloggy. Part of it might be this:
I love you my friends here in Tallahassee, and am happy to have you read my blog, but now that you read my blog, I don’t feel the cushion of anonymity…Like when I lived in Australia I could talk about my Australian friends to my U.S. friends(sorry Australian friends, it was primarily very amusing stories, etc) without worrying that my readers would ever meet them. Now…not so much. If I write a blog it is a little like picking up the phone, or, meeting someone at the mall. So, perhaps in this case I need to take a page out of V’s book, using this clever technique to talk about some things that are on my mind:

My friend blank is getting blank, I feel very blank about this.
My other friend, blank, is blanking, which is blank, but also at times blank.
And blank called in blank today, but I know he is really just blanking.

In other news, I couldn’t think of any “guilty pleasures” last week, but will soon, along with this week’s topic, “bullys.” Excellent topic, thanks Will. As the semester comes to a close, I will be adding some links to the sidebar for new synchronized bloggers like Danielle, V, and Kara.

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