Light on the Horizon

What can I say. It’s rainy and cold outside. It’s damp and cold inside. I have a cold. I don’t get sick often, but when I do, I am utterly exhausted, as I have been for the last three days. In addition, I’ve been doing some research, looking for some easy factoids to fit into an essay, and instead found myself in a mire–hours and pages deep–of not really conclusive and not really usable research on the topic. On a better day I would expand on this, because there are interesting facets and I would have the energy to to organize and point them out, but today is not that day. Today is a day about lying in bed wrapped in blankets, about getting unreasonably sad because there’s no garlic to put in my soup, (although no garlic in the house is pretty sad), or because the pump nozzle on my new shampoo is defective.

The one bright light on the horizon is this: My friend Jeff has written a musical. Opening night is July 19 in Los Angeles…On that day, this cold will be a distant memory. My overwhelming thesis project will have been approved. The mountain of material items that weighs down this apartment will have been bulldozed away, the remainder transplanted by cube truck, tears cried for friends left behind…It will be a whole new day, a Saturday even. And I shall be going to the theater (pronounce that the-ah-tah). If you live in L.A. check out the dates, I’ll go again with you!

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