UFO’s and Conspiracies

One of the things that I like about writing is researching. I’m working on a piece right now, as I may have mentioned, that involves some aliens. And I’ve thought for awhile that the protagonist might work with a guy who is into conspiracies and alien cover-ups and stuff. I want to really ground his dialogue in “conspiracy talk” but I don’t really know what that is yet. So I was sorry to discover that in the last six months I have missed both the 2009 Conspiracy Con, which was in June in Santa Clara, and more recently, something called the “Alienenvent for a New Humanity” which was right here in L.A. in November, and the Annual Ventura County UFO Festival that same weekend. There is a world out there I have never experienced.

Looking forward, I have the time, but not the money to attend the “Earth Transformation Conference” In two weeks in Hawaii, and though I might be able to drum up the money, the timing of February’s “19th Annual International UFO Convention and Film Festival” in Laughlin, NV, is really bad, conflicting both with weekday classes and weekend commitments.
I am happy to see, however that some of the guest speakers for that conference will be in L.A. the week before, for the “Conscious Life Expo” at the LAX Hilton. I’ve spent way too much time on the site today, but think I’ve found a few events with alien subject matter. It’s no Conspiracy Con, but I guess you have to start somewhere.
The expo happens a mere couple weeks before I think my final draft is due. This is lucky, because it is before the deadline, but less lucky because it’s not enough before the deadline and I feel like it will just be the tip of the iceberg in terms of understanding the community. I’ll probably start trying to find some of the speakers on YouTube in advance and see where that leads me as well.
Often I start researching something because I want a couple lines of realistic dialogue, and end up wanting to research enough to make a documentary film.
If you want to find an otherworldly conference near you, you can check out this link.

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