Writing Update March / April 2021

Here are my top 3 writing projects for Mar/April plus some assorted stuff I’ve been feeding my brain.


THE INFLUENCER (spec feature)
Zero draft ⅔ done in April. Continues on the front burner in May.
When the manager / best friend of a struggling social media influencer cuts a deal for her client to beta-test an implantable self-improvement chip, the results are more than they bargained for. 

SHELL (feature take of short story)
This short story won the Grand Prize in the Screencraft Cinematic Short Fiction Contest at the end of March.  Created a mini-treatment for feature idea in April.
To revive her flagging marriage and career, an aging woman goes to a high-end spa for a mysterious treatment.

CONSENSUS (pilot script)
Rewrote in March.
When a woman begins working with a secret task force to protect her idyllic world from enemy agents, she learns that reality is not what she’s been told. Now she needs to find the truth about who she is, while protecting the lie that allows her world to exist.

For clients: I finished reworking / editing a bible for a metaphysical fantasy TV series, ghost-wrote eight researched blog articles on mental health / wellness topics.

MOVIES: Bad Hair; Judas and the Black Messiah; This is Paris (documentary); Just Friends; The Faculty; Jennifer’s Body; Mom and Dad; Lars and the Real Girl; Strip Down, Rise Up; Synchronic; Limitless 

TV: WandaVision; The West Wing; Debris (pilot); Dickenson (pilot); Call me Kat; The Mayor; This is Us; Falcon and the Winter Soldier; The Good Fight; Star Trek Lower Decks; Numb3rs (pilot); For All Mankind; Deep Space 9 (re-watch) 

The One That Got Away Horror Anthology; Neverworld, Neil Gaiman; The Fact of a Body, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich; Assata, Assata Shakur; Kindred, Octavia Butler; Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria, Beverly Daniel Tatum; Shift, Hugh Howey; Blood Child and Other Stories, Octavia Butler; The Collected Stories, Elizabeth Bowen

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