From the Road

11:30PM in Deming New Mexico is 1:30AM in on the East Coast and tonight I’m feeling it after a long day of driving. People complain about flat Texas but I have to say i love it…maybe from living in Alice, which was so flat and desert too. And prefer to drive on the straight roads. The curvy hills feel like a roller coaster and I have to do this kind of lamaze-style breathing to keep myself from hitting the breaks going into every turn.

We’re making approximately ten miles to the gallon, which is a bit less than our estimates. Part of if has to do with the fact that we ordered a ten-foot truck but due to lack of availability received a fifteen-footer, giving us all kinds of dangerous packing options we hadn’t considered before:

“That heavy-ass dresser with the broken drawers I got at Goodwill for forty bucks?”

“Sure, might as well bring it, we’ll need something and now we’ve got the room.”

“Should we tie this off so it doesn’t topple?”

“Ye–no, wait–why do we just wedge it with that desk we were going to leave by the dumpster?”

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